Check out some of the best 3d Printed Gifts for Mom that you can make yourself out of love and appreciation to your mother. One of the best ways you can celebrate your mother is with modern unique 3d printed gifts.

Thanks to this list of 3d printable gift ideas for your mom, you can customize an amazing gift that she will love and cherish for years to come! We've provided 3d you with a list of 3D printable gift ideas that will show your mother just how much you love and appreciate her.

1. 3D Printed Flowers

3d printed flowers

Use these adorable 3D printed flowers as a decorative gift to put a smile on your mother’s face. This model has a complete set of easy-to-print parts. This kit includes the flower pot, stems, petals, and smiley faces. The assembly instructions help as well by including tips on coloring and gluing everything together. These DIY mother’s day decorations are a great choice that will last throughout the year and won't require any maintenance. The great part about 3D-printed flowers is that they look awesome and they will not wither away within some days.

Link to download: Smiley Face Flowers and Flower Pot by tc_fea - Thingiverse

Super Flowers (drooloop flowers) Customizable

 3d printed super flowers

This 3D print bouquet of fun flowers is something she'll love to look at every day and that will last.  These quirky drooloop flowers are easy to print and you can incorporate the flowers into other models or for fashion.

Link to download: Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects - Thingiverse

Rose and Thorn Stem

3d printed rose and thorn

This 3d printed Rose is an elegant and decorative model that makes a perfect gift for your mother. This lovely rose comes with a lot of detail from the vines and thorns, to the petals and leaves. You can also variations of the leaves available and you have the ability re-shape the leaves and branches with the use of a heat gun.

Link to download:Rose and thorn stem by richardtracy - Thingiverse

Poinsettia in a Flower Pot

3d printed poinsettia in a flower pot

Give your mother truly beautiful poinsettias as something special you have created with your 3D printer. While flowers will always be a popular choice, why not personalize them. This design also comes with a flower pot to neatly arrange the 4 flowers.

Link to download:Poinsettia in a flower pot by tc_fea - Thingiverse

2. 3D Printed Mother's Day Decoration

3d printed love you mom

A nice decoration for cupcakes or cakes is an ornamental cake topper that will make your mother happy by showing her just how much you care.

 You can also include different decorative items such as ribbons and candles to surround the cake topper to make it more decorative. The model comes with two poles that hold the message ‘Love you MOM’. A colored or shiny food-safe filament will enhance the design and complement the elegant font style to be a great gift for mom on Mother's Day.

Link to download: Download STL file Mothers Day Cake Topper • Template to 3D print ・ Cults (

Mom (Cake Topping)


3d printed mom cake topper

A cute Mother's Day DIY project is a ‘MOM’ cake topper. This can go on any cupcake or cake. This will be great on mother’s day, her birthday, or anytime you want to decorate a delicious treat any time of the year.

Link to download:Mom (Cake Topping) by Woodyhelou - Thingiverse

Mother's Day Sculpture

 3d printed mom sculpture

This symbolic 3D printed sculpture shows the mother holding up her child with two arms. This is a heartwarming gift that will put a smile on your mother’s face. This can look great with the right filament especially in metals such as brass, copper, or bronze, and also other filaments like wood.

Link to download:Mother's Day Sculpture by MakePrintable - Thingiverse

MOM Gimbal

3d printed mom gimbal

This amusing gimbal is a fun and creative 3D-printed gift. A gimbal is a device used to keep another object inside while it is in motion. This model starts from the outer O of MOM and has three rings with a heart in the center.

Link to download:MOM Gimbal - Print In Place - heart remix by foofoodog - Thingiverse

Mother's day Planter Label

 3d printed mothers day planter label

If your mother loves plants, then she will love this Mother’s day planter label. This Happy mother’s day planter can be complemented with any beautiful set of flowers. She’ll be able to display her personally gifted label anywhere there is soil and a beautiful flower and think of you every time she waters them

Link to download:Mothers Day Planter label/Cake Topper by rkxone - Thingiverse

3d printed mama planter label

This heart-shaped ‘MAMA’ planter label can make a decorative and lovely plant label. This model is attachable with two holes provided and the design makes a clear label. You can choose the color filament and matching flower color to stick it beside the plants.

Link to download:Mothersday Heart by 3D-Ant - Thingiverse

3. 3D Printed Picture Frame

 3d printed mothers day picture frame

A 3D printed picture frame is a wonderful gift for your mother. She will love and appreciate this frame that can hold good memories. The frame features a ‘WE LOVE U’ at the corner to remind her she that is always loved. This frame will be perfect for a home, bedroom, or even office wall. You are now just a click away from creating your custom photo frame! You can show off more meaningful moments by creating more picture frames to hang together and having many photos to display and personalize!

Link to download: WE LOVE U - Picture Frame by G3DPRINTING - Thingiverse

Love U MUM Picture Frame

 love u mum 3d printed picture frame

This picture frame is made to hold photo’s that slip right into the back. The Love U MOM is a great design to have around your favorite photo or piece of artwork that your mother would love.

Link to download:mothers day picture frame by gavt - Thingiverse

4. 3D Printed Cookie Cutters

3d printed mothers day cookie cutters

These 3D printed cookie cutters are good for fun cookies made for mother. 3D printed make the perfect handmade gifts because you actually have to put effort and time into making them yourself and it is a way to express your love for your mother by showing her something made with your own hands. This gift allows you to give a delicious treat which is truly unique and has that special touch that is as if you’re saying ‘I care about you’ with every cookie made.

Link to download: Download STL file cookie cutter cutter mold mother's day happy mother's day mother's day mother's day • Template to 3D print ・ Cults (

Mom Floral Cookie Cutter

3d printed floral mom cookie cutter

Create fun-to-eat cookies with this mother’s day cookie cutter! This model is creatively featured with floral designs surrounded by an outer heart shape. This cutter will slice through dough well and make the baking prep a fun-to-make process.

Link to download:Download STL file MOTHER'S DAY - MOTHER'S DAY - COOKIE CUTTERS - MOTHER'S DAY - COOKIE CUTTERS • 3D printing object ・ Cults (

Mom Cookie Cutter

3d printed mom cookie

Liven up your cookies for your mother with this ‘MOM’ cookie cutter. This cutter features a depth to ease the slicing and give a thick cookie or biscuit. This is a quality cutter that will bring shape to your cookies or biscuit.

Link to download:Mom Cookie Cutter by TeamOliva - Thingiverse

5. 3D Printed Flower Vase

3d printed mothers day flower vase

Create something unique this Mother's Day with a 3D-printed vase for home, garden, or even window. It looks great with fresh flowers or just as a home decor addition. This 3D printed DIY Mother's Day vase gift is a custom vase made by your own hands and a 3D printer. It is not just for one-time use, this vase can be used long after it is made! This DIY vase can be used with flowers that you can choose from to compliment this elegant vase and make it a truly special gift!

Link to download:Download free file Mother's day vase • 3D printable object ・ Cults (

 6. 3D Printed Bracelet

3d printed bracelet

You can print a fashionable 3D-printed bracelet. A unique bracelet is a perfect gift to give to a loved one. jewelry is a great way to make a statement, and having a custom collection of pieces is a sincere way to express your love for your mother.

The flexibility of the material and the ease of printing makes it so convenient to create any design that you want. Easily put together without any tools, all you need are your hands to attach the bracelet to your wrist with enough room for you to be able to adjust it personally. This model has the option of different-sized bracelets. The files contain the sizes and you can also use the app to adjust to your liking. Each shaped piece clasps in place well and the final product is a Fashionable bracelet. 

Link to download: Kinematics @ Home bracelets by nervoussystem - Thingiverse

Diagrid Bracelet

3d printed diagrid bracelet

Give your mother a gift she will never forget that you love her with a 3D printed wearable bracelet. If the woman in your life enjoys bracelets, then this is one of the best choices as a gift. It is well detailed all around and without any metal to worry about.

Link to download:Diagrid Bracelet by nervoussystem - Thingiverse

7. 3D Printed Jewelry Stand

3d printed jewelry stand mom

Display your favorite rings and jewelry in style with this 3d printed jewelry stand. This is a savvy 3D-printed jewelry holder and organizer. If your mother ever wanted to have a jewelry stand that can stylishly hang earrings and necklaces, then this 3-dimensional stand can hold necklaces, beads, bracelets, earrings, and more all in one place! This stand has a figurine that is well designed to hold jewelry around the available vines and even on top of the neck part of the lady. It also looks good and decorative on your desk, dresser or table. You don't have to spend tons of money on designer jewelry organizers anymore. This jewelry stand is a great way to organize cherished accessories. It's stylish and makes it perfect for quick and easy access to items.

Link to download: Girl - Spring. Stand for jewelry. by TanyaAkinora - Thingiverse

8. 3D Printed Mother's Day Vase

3d printed heart vase mom

This 3d printed vase will is a great 3d print to symbolize love. The artistic design is attractive the print is very simple and easy to print. This spiral design flows from the bottom and creates a nice opening that resembles a heart shape at the top. This vase will stand up to daily use without any problems. This model would make a great addition to any home decor!  You will love making this 3d printed flower vase on your 3d printer. The model is created for hassle-free printing and post processing. It's a unique way to personalize your home or office and brighten up your living space.

Link to download: Twisted Heart Vase by Gyrobot - Thingiverse

Angel Vase

3d printed angel vase

This wonderful minimalist praying angel is a perfect fit for any indoor home decor, Christmas, or religious setting. This is an eye-catching and worthy addition that can beautify any space.

Link to download:Angel (easy Print) by kleiner_Lateiner - Thingiverse

Spiral Vase

3d printed spiral vase

This spiral vase is a beautiful and eye-catching decoration for dining rooms, kitchens, offices, and even restaurants. This is a perfect gift for mothers they will love. The simple spiral patterns provide a neat and artistic decoration.

Link to download:Spiral Vase - Wave decor by Antonin_Nosek - Thingiverse

Snowflake Vase

3d printed snowflake vase

This elegantly designed snowflake vase is a work of art that is a classy and artistic mother’s day gift. This attractive snowflake design features a unique movement of lined patterns that twist from the bottom to the top that looks good from all angles of the design.

Link to download:Another Koch Snowflake Vase by amitnehra - Thingiverse

9. Love MOM

3d printed love mom

Give your mother a surprise with this beautiful 3D DIY printed ‘#1 MOM’ table decoration. This is a special mother's day gift she can enjoy year after year. Make your mother’s home or workspace extra special with the DIY Mommy table organizer. This is a decorative and functional model that can hold pens, pencils, and other items.  The 3D printed text that says ‘#1 MOM’ is bold and smooth and it will keep your mother thinking of you while she is near her desk.

Link to download: #1 Mom / Mum by RyGuy - Thingiverse

Number One Mom Decor

3d printed number one mom

This is a great tabletop gift that will let your mother know how awesome she is. This ‘# 1 Mom’ is an easy print with great detail on the font and design. A mother is always loved, so make her happy every day and tell her that she’s number 1!

Link to download:Number one Mom by iloveboltz - Thingiverse

Standing Love Mom

3d printing standard love mom

This charming Love mom heart is a wonderful way to show your mom how much she means to you. This can look great on a window sill or mantle and she will be reminded constantly of just how much you love and appreciate her with one of these decorative 3D printed symbols of love.

Link to download:Love Mom by TwistedBoards - Thingiverse

10. Flower Pot

3d printed flower pot

Impress your mother with a 3D printed hanging plant/flower stand that is impressive and decorative. This DIY flower pot kit provides all the materials you need to create a special 3D model that can hold and highlight beautiful flowers for your loved mother. This model also comes with a nice cone-shaped vase. Whether you want to display it in your living room, window, shelf, bedroom, or bathroom, it looks beautiful almost everywhere. This flower stand design is fun to 3D print, and suitable for succulents, hanging plants, or other plants that can grow and fill the space around the chopsticks. 

Link to download: Chopstick plant or flower stand by 3DPrintBunny - Thingiverse

Octopus Planter

3d printed octopus vase

Bring a touch of sea life into your home with this octopus planter that’s perfect for vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more! This gives some personality to any outdoor space. The octopus planter comes with a saucer as well.

Link to download:Octopus Planter by Chaolinx - Thingiverse


3d printed geoflower

This circular planter will make any flower or plant look great with its detailed design featuring a series of cubes. The model can be printed in various sizes and will look great with other geoflower planters side by side. This is a great gift for mom that will add elegance and enhance any space. The model can be printed with or without drainage holes and can make for an eye-catching part of any garden or tabletop.

Link to download:Geoflower by EMRL - Thingiverse

Rose Flower Pot

3d printed rose flower pot

Give a rose-shaped flower pot as a wonderful gift for a plant lover. This floral 3D printed flower pot has the features of a complete rose and can be used

As a part of home decor while making a wonderful flower container. This is a great choice for mothers who enjoy growing plants like flowers, vegetables, or herbs.

Link to download:Rose Flower Pot by bucad - Thingiverse

Owl Flower Pot

3d printed owl flower pot

This Owl flower pot is a great choice for mothers who enjoy growing flowers and like a decorative flowerpot. This cheerful-looking owl will look great in a variety of colors your mother may like and it is a well-detailed model.

Link to download:Owl Flower Pot v3 by rw3iss - Thingiverse