Valentine’s day 3d printing gift ideas

Valentine's Day is coming up, so we thought we’d help you decide on a few special and heartfelt ideas that you can 3D print for that special somebody in your life.  Give your sweetheart a special gift this Valentine's Day. This list features gifts that will allow you to make a original 3d printed DIY valentine's day gift for your crush. One of the most thoughtful gifts are those that you make yourself. Get inspired by these DIY ideas to create a perfect gift for your Valentine.

1. Love Gears

A heart made of moving gears is an amusing and cute-sized gift. The heart shape turns in and out of a heart shape after rotation. This can be printed in 2 versions. One version has 1 revolution rotation to return to a heart shape after turning and the other version requires 5 revolutions. Assembly instructions are included for all the pins and pieces to fit well together. This design includes a heart kit that each piece aligns and snaps together well. A couple of the shapes look similar but they all fit nicely when put correctly.  

Link to download:Three Heart Gears by emmett - Thingiverse

Movable geared hearts

These movable geared hearts are an entertaining and beautifully designed keychain gift. This 3d printed gift is lovable and it works with three moving gears that rotate with the gentle thrust of a finger. The color choice will allow you to create a unique set of gears and hearts.

Link to download: Geared Heart -Single Print with Moving Parts - Last Minute Gift by UrbanAtWork - Thingiverse

2. Rose 3D Model

Looking for perfect gift ideas to impress your sweetheart? Try a 3d printed flower. This is an adorable and special gift that anyone would love to get. This beautifully designed flower has the top petal and rose stem with thorns. This 3D printed rose will not wither or require maintenance and the colorful plastic flowers will make a great way to decorate a home, car, or office. You can also print several of these to create a one-of-a-kind, customized bouquet that looks just like real flowers and can also be placed in a vase.
Link to download: Super Rose by 3DPrinterSuperstore - Thingiverse

3. Valentine’s day Candle Holder

A romantic gift that can make the mood set for valentine's day is illuminating floating candles that light up in an enclosed holder that spells 'LOVE'. This is a wonderful  3D-printed gift for valentines day that creates a slight effect of moving lights wherever it illuminates and shines from the tray. The light movements on the water create a nice effect of the reflection of the flames around a room. This 3D print is elegant and great for tabletop decor and it can add to a warm serene environment.

Link to download: Valentines Floating Candle Holder by acwakeford - Thingiverse

Romantic Candle

This beautifully designed 3D print is a romantic candle that will light up well on top of a romantic dinner table. The heart-shaped rose creates a nice effect and it will look amazing with several of them laid around a table, shelf, or other areas of a room. This 3D print is elegant and great for tabletop decor and it can add to a warm serene mood.

Link to download: Download free STL file Romantic Tealight Holder • 3D printer design ・ Cults (

4. Heart Box

These 3D printed heart shapes cases are a very lovely and romantic gift. They can be used to contain a small gift inside, like earrings, bracelets necklaces, rings, or even valentines day candy. The hearts open and also snap together well and the bottom and lid are bonded together so they'll never separate. They are durable and will be long-lasting. The the outer cover contains well-detailed designs around the box that make it very attractive. You can create hearts with different colors and even decide if you want to put presents or treats into several heart boxes.

Link to download: Open your Heart by mowi - Thingiverse

Heart-shaped box with lid

This heart-shaped box is a brilliant gift idea for valentines day. The bottom of the box and lid fit perfectly together. The lid is customizable and you can create a message, a name, initials, or small designs you would like the receiver to see. This can be great for hiding small treats, jewelry gifts, and other items that can fit.

Link to download: Heart Shaped Box Project by mfritz - Thingiverse

5. Heart Vase

This Low-poly heart vase is a decorative 3D printed valentines gift. The low poly is a unique style that shows the features of a real heart but in a more attractive design. You can find an aorta-shaped neck of the vase where flowers can be set into. The bottom half of the vase has the left atrium, left ventricle, right atrium, and right ventricle where soil can be set into. On the outer layer, there is enough space to also customize the name of your significant other on the vase.  This 3D printed Valentine's day vase is a good symbol of love and it can be used year-round for seasonal plants like roses, sunflowers, daisies, or any other plant you may like.

Link to download: Low Poly Heart Vase by VECTARY - Thingiverse

6. Heart Wings Cookie Cutter (Only with Cookie :))

DIY heart-shaped cookie cutters toppers are perfect for Valentine's Day baking and it’s great for bringing fun shapes to cookies bring baked. This gift is good for foodies who enjoy nice-looking edibles. This collection of baked love treats can be an eye-catching part of your desserts on that special day! This project is a thoughtful gift and perfect for couples who like to enjoy baked treats together on their special day. All that is missing to make this gift even greater is a good cookie recipe.

Link to download:Heart Wings Cookie Cutter (Valentine's Day Collection) by OogiMe - Thingiverse

XOXO Cookie Cutter

This XOXO cookie cutter can be a great loving part of valentines day. This cookie cutter will enable you to slice dough for cookies and biscuits cleanly. These are ideal for valentines day and they are a way to show that you care.

Link to download:  XOXO Cookie Cutter (Valentine's Day Collection) by OogiMe - Thingiverse

7. Valentines Day Heart Key Chain

This Valentine's day heart and arrow is a small, easy, and fun print. This is a handheld heart with a movable arrow. The heart has a cupid arrow that can slide back and forth inside the heart. This model can be printed as a chain or a Key FOB. The Key FOB style has a hole at the end of the arrow. The Necklace version has two holes at the top for the necklace chain to hang from. This is a thoughtful and heartfelt gift that can be carried anywhere like office or house.

Link to download: Valentines Day Heart with Moving Arrow by muzz64 - Thingiverse

Valentines Day Heart Keychain

This valentines day 3d printed gift from the heart is a thoughtful and easy-to-print gift that your valentine can carry around anywhere. This heart keychain is printed in parts including the keychain hole, the heart that links together.

Link to download: valentine's heart keychain by Defauld - Thingiverse

8. Heart Necklace

This 3D printed necklace is a cute way to show someone you care about them. This type of necklace is a mobis strip that’s distorted into the shape of a heart and it means “Love Forever”. It carries a meaningful symbol for valentines day and it is something that your significant other can wear and symbolically for love. The print can also look great in different colors and it does not require much filament. The last part of the necklace is the need to measure the hole to push the necklace chord of your choice through.

Link to download:  Mobius Heart Necklace by xb27 - Thingiverse

Valentines Day Heart Box

This heart box is a good symbol of love this Valentine's day. It can be printed in several colors to match your Valentine's favorite color as a keychain or pendant. The design is a good size and a very attractive accessory. This wearable heart box has a hinge in the center with floral designs that surround the outer part.

Valentines gift by BQEducacion - Thingiverse

9. Text Illusion

This is a beautiful and creatively designed gift for valentines day. The optical illusion of letters is revealed on one row of still 3d blocks that can show different words when simply viewed from different angles. One side shows ‘LOVE YOU’ and the other angle reads ‘FOREVER’. The words are held stand on top of a stylish curved stand to hold the letters. The entire model can be set anywhere like a table or shelf. It will be enjoyed and eye-catching where there is the ability to change the viewing orientation to reveal the lovely message.

Link to download: I LOVE YOU FOREVER by LLOYDHOPANDA - Thingiverse

10. Valentines Day Blooming Flower Kit

This is a new version of a blooming flower model that is a fun and interactive valentines day gift. The entire model works by rotating the bottom base that pushes and turns the gears slowly to reveal the beautiful flower rising from the center. Once the pedals open completely, a heart attached to a stem is revealed right in the center like a surprise. This type of 3D printed gift is not easily found in shops and is a very uncommon and very amusing gift that is meaningful and very special when assembled.

Link to download: Valentines Day Blooming Flower Gift Box by FragrantAbyss - Thingiverse

11. Valentines Day Spinning Heart

For a unique gift, you can 3D print your significant other a heart that is very portable and has movable parts. This model has a feature of inner and outer shaped hearts that rotate. The inner heart revolves within the outer heart shape. This necklace is well designed with smooth curves and it is amusing to see it spinning. You can take the design further and add a keychain or necklace hole or also write a name across the heart to make it more personal. The name can be seen revolving around when it is spun.

Link to download: Valentines Day Spinning Heart by davispw - Thingiverse

12. Valentine Day Coffee Decoration

This valentines day gift is for coffee lovers. This model has 10 coffee decorations that can make a lovely message inside a cup of coffee. This can be a great creative part of a valentines day breakfast surprise and add fun to drinking a latte. The decoration can be achieved with cinnamon or chocolade inside a cappuccino or latte.
The curving shape of the coffee prints has a convenient corner to hold the part up to the coffee cup easily without creating a mess and enabling some control of the coffee art. The models can also be adjusted to fit almost any cup.

Link to download: Valentine Day Coffee Decoration Templates by ant82 - Thingiverse

13. A Properly Pointy Princess Heart Crown

3d print heart crown

You can make your sweetheart feel like a royal princess with a 3D printed wearable crown. This beautiful Princess Heart Crown is designed with pointed hearts, as well as a small circular indicator to show the front  from the back end of the crown. This file also makes it possible to add your custom decorations around the crown as you like. The design is a wearable that can look very special with a glossy filament, glow in the dark filament, or even made of a unique material such as wood.

Link to download: A Properly Pointy Princess Heart Crown by DubLo7 - Thingiverse

14. Clockwork Heart 2194

3d printed clockwork heart 2194

This intricately 3D print is a great and unique valentines day gift. The assembly has a balance wheel, spiral spring, rotating gears, and beautifully designed outer heart-shaped frames that fit well in the hand. The moving clockwork heart rotates, moves, and spins with the gentle thrust of a finger. This is a hand-powered model that is a thoughtful symbol to ‘count the seconds we're apart.’ The parts all work together and each part is to be made in series to each other, especially the interlocking gears.
There is a vide-slide in the link below for help assembling everything.

Link to download: Clockwork Heart (dual ulysse escapement) by A26 - Thingiverse