Thinking about getting into laser engraving? Not sure what projects you could build, have no experience with design software. Here at Endurance Lasers USA, we have compiled the most comprehensive list of free and paid design software to get you up and running immediately.
Turn your hobby into a business, there's one word that everyone loves to hear more than anything else, Their own NAME. Create and customize everything from YETI tumblers to leather wallets, dog tags, and even jewelry.


One Click Design.

Have you ever wondered how they make those amazing Photo Engravings, or origami style laser cut boxes, well look no further we've done the hard work for you.  Here is a staff picks list of software you are sure to love.



Imag-r is as easy as it gets, this cloud based conversion software takes all the guess work out of converting your favorite photo's into laser engravable masterpieces.  From Family Crests, to Photo's of your favorite pet.  In under 60 seconds you can have a file prepped and ready for engraving on one of our industry leading lasers (this also works with CO2 lasers)  With options like Crop / Resize / Add Text, you can customize your design with ease. 

This software even lets you select what type of material you're going to use

Acrylic / Wood / Slate / Leather / Glass / Cork / White Tile / White Tile (Painted)

It is not just about power and speed or the type of laser you have, Every material type benefits from a unique set of parameters, With Imag-r, the software will create a unique stippling pattern optimized for each material, by moving the dots used to create the engraving closer or further together achieving a true shaded engraving has never been easier.  





Now this one is super cool, ever wanted to make a treasure chest, wine rack, or even raspberry pi enclosure using your laser cutter, well here is the absolute simplest software we've ever seen to do just that.

Not only are there over a hundred base designs to choose from but each option gives you the flexibility to customize your project quickly and easily, exports directly to SVG, and the best part its completely FREE.


Super simple to use for basic box design, Polygon Box, and Kerf Bent Box design

Just enter the material thickness and dimensions your looking for and in a few clicks be ready to cut.



As we test design software we will continue to update this list.

Contact us with any special request or if you have suggestions of software we should review.